Many of you may be wondering why Animal Ark looks for Foster Homes so frequently, or what the benefits of fostering actually are.  I hope that I can clear that up for you in this post.

What Does Fostering Entail?

When you foster a dog, you are opening your heart, home and life to a homeless shelter pet.  You’re signing a contract with the Shelter and promising to love, treat, and care for the animal as if it were your own.  The length of time varies for each animal and is predetermined at the start of Foster Care.  You are subject to a preliminary home visit to ensure that each animal is going into a safe and loving environment.

Why Does Animal Ark Need Foster Homes?

Animal Ark Rescue needs as many foster homes as it can get, and here’s why…

Each day at a no-kill facility is unseen and unpredictable to say the least.  As an every day occurrence, there are animals in need of rescue from the local kill facility.  On top of this, there are people wanting to surrender their dogs, medical emergencies that need to be taken on and animals that require special care.  Being who we are, it is our goal to save and to care for as many animals as we possibly can, and that’s where you come in.  Because there is only so much space available on the Ark.

Some of our most common reasons for Fostering Animals out are:

  • A puppy is too young to stay in the Shelter environment.  It just needs a safe place to stay until it’s old enough to be moved up to the adoption floor.
  • The pet may be recovering from a surgery or illness and needs a place to recuperate without the added stress of the shelter environment.
  • Neonates that the Rescue can not take in without a home for it to go directly into for proper care.
  • New and sometimes even long-term Residents of the Shelter may be displaying signs of withdrawal or stress.
  • Assisting the Shelter in learning more about the animal so that he/she can end up in it’s best possible home.  This may be done by introducing it to your own pets or children, socializing, working on behavioral skills, and/or simply getting them used to a home environment.

Why Should I Foster?

From personal experience, and speaking as someone who becomes highly attached to her foster animals, I can tell you that this is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world.  Though, bittersweet, you play an essential role in showing the animal that not all people are bad and that it’s deserving of a second chance at life.  And when that perfect family comes in for that animal that you just fostered, your heart can rejoice in knowing that you just helped match that animal with that family; that you are giving both of them a lifetime of memories and love.  Even if tears roll down your cheek, you can still smile knowing that your ‘baby’ is no longer homeless.

On top of this, you are freeing up space in the shelter so that one more animal can be saved.  And isn’t that the dream….that one day we can save them all?

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Me and my recent Foster, Oliver.  He recovered from Hip Surgery and HW Treatment at my home for about 3 months.
Because I knew him,  I was able to tell people about him and he was adopted on his first off-site event to a lovely family in Alabama.

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