Major Expenses:

Supplies and Equipment (leashes, harnesses, crates, etc)
Medicine and Food (special diet)

Parvo Program:

Signs of parvo-virus infection once meant immediate and absolute euthanasia for puppies and dogs at the city shelter. AA treats the highly contagious pets. We treated 86 puppies in 2011-2013, with an impressive 90% survival rate (most puppies arrive well after the recommended start time for treatment). After initial exposure to the virus, it takes approximately 1-4 days before you see signs in a puppy. The disease takes about a week to treat and once they are free of parvo, these amazing pups go on to lead normal, healthy lives and are highly adoptable! Watching these puppies go from being on death’s door to playing and eating again is what keeps our volunteers coming back to help treat them.

Parvo treatment costs $250.00 per pup… that’s $ 21,500.00 so far.

In 2011-2016, we were able to save every young orphaned puppy that came into our Rescue.


Spay/Neuter ($80,000)

Before each dog and cat in our program goes to their forever home, they are spayed/neutered.

Routine Care ($60,000)

All pets who enter our program are immediately given an exam in our vet clinic, where they are tested and treated for any medical issues and micro chipped. Before adoption, every pet is given age-appropriate vaccinations.

Injury/Illness and Emergency Care ($40,000)

Around 85% of animals saved from the city’s euthanasia list arrive with mild to severe illnesses or injuries.  We treat a myriad of other issues, like heartworm treatments, broken bones, kennel cough, upper respiratory infections and mange. Funds are directly responsible for being able to save these babies that cost a little bit more than the average shelter dog or cat.

Adoption Events:

Sponsorship of an adoption event will involve a monetary donation of at least $750.00 which will be used to discount the adoption fees. The adoption events will be heavily marketed and will include a press release, social media mentions and poster distribution and all will include the sponsor’s name/logo.

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