Current Medical Cases

If you are interested in donating to the care of a specific animal, click the donate button under the animal you would like to help. Information on past and current medical cases can be found on here. 

We currently have 4 dogs under treatment for demodex mange and secondary skin infections. These babies have suffered due to a skin condition that was passed down from their mother. We have started twice weekly medicated baths, antibiotics for the infection, and mange medication to take care of the demodex mite and help control the itching. We can only save lives like these precious souls with your support. After several months of treatment, they will be all healed up. 

Tommy boarded the Ark this morning after we was found in Columbus. He is so emaciated, a senior Boxer, and we believe he was kept in confinement and starved. He does not bare the typical signs of a outside dog at all. We can’t find a medical reason for him to be in this condition but for the lack of food. Tommy is a super sweet guy and does not deserve to be neglected( none do ) like this. We are putting him on a special high calorie diet combined with satin balls which are vet recommended for weight gain. We are accepting donations for his care, and you may drop off raw burger meat at the shelter, the fatty, cheaper kind, for us to prepare the satin balls for him. We could never save guys like Tommy without YOU. Thank you!


Gaston transferred in from Columbus Animal Control after being owner surrendered.

Gaston is an 11 yr old chihuahua that has suffered from severe dental issues for years, but you’d never know it by how sweet this boy is. He craves attention from everyone he meets!! Unfortunately, his life has been full of painful days as he struggles to eat even wet food. We want to show this sweet boy that daily life doesn’t have to be painful and that there is hope. We cannot let this sweet boy suffer anymore but we need YOU!




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