Demodex Rehabilitation Program


Demodectic mange (also known as red mange, follicular mange, or puppy mange) is a skin disease, generally of young dogs, caused by the mite, Demodex canis. It may surprise you to know that demodectic mites of various species live on the bodies of virtually every adult dog and most human beings, without causing any harm or irritation. These small (0.25 mm) mites that look like microscopic alligators live inside of the hair follicles (i.e., the pore within the skin through which the hair shaft comes through), hence the name follicular mange.

Whether or not Demodex causes harm to a dog depends on the dog’s ability to keep the mite under control. Demodectic mange is not a disease of poorly kept or dirty kennels. It is generally a disease of young dogs that have inadequate or poorly developed immune systems or older dogs that are suffering from a suppressed immune system.


Our demodex rehabilitation program was created to bring foster canines suffering from demodectic mange together. Through this program, we are able to speed up the healing process by providing one-on-one care for our sick dogs. We have achieved great results through this program. Listed below are two of our recent success stories.


Meet Mya

Mya was pulled from Animal Control, suffering from demodectic mange. She had lost all of her fur and had open wounds on her legs. She was certainly bound for death if left at Animal Control. Animal Ark knew that she could be saved if only given a chance. Mya was placed in a foster home 3 days before Christmas 2015. Her foster family gave her the loving attention that she needed. After one month in foster care, Mya’s fur had grown back and she was ready for adoption. Mya quickly found her forever home and is living every shelter dog’s dream.



Meet Bambi

Bambi was transferred to us from the Animal Control kill list. She has gone without proper care for her skin for SO long that she didn’t have a single hair on her body. Bambi was suffering from severe Demodex (mange) and a secondary skin infection all over her body, including her eyes. Bambi was   approximately 5 months old and still so happy-go-lucky despite her condition. After 3 weeks, Bambi’s fur was growing back and her eyes had cleared up. Bambi found herself a brother and 3 kids to play with.












Dane is an American Bulldog Mix puppy who transferred in to us from Animal Control. He has a severely infected face due to leaving his demodectic skin condition go untreated for so long. Poor little Dane was so itchy, he scratched his face raw! Dane soon received daily medication and lots of loving. Within a few weeks, his skin began to clear up and fur started growing. On April 26, 2016, Dane found his forever home and is living the good life.






Penelope came to us from Columbus Animal Control with one of the worst cases of demodex we have ever seen. Exactly a month after she boarded the Ark, Penelope found her forever. The good life is all this sweetheart will experience now.



We pull dogs on a regular basis from CACC that have demodex mange and this is only done with your continued support. If you’d like to donate to our demodex rehab fund, please click on the donate button at the top of the page. As always, we value and appreciate your support! Your support makes our lifesaving goal possible! To see our current medical cases, to include demodex, please visit our current medical cases tab.