Our Life-Saving Programs

Your generosity has enabled us to help animals in our community since 2011.  Since that time Animal Ark Rescue has successfully placed more than 15,000 animals into loving home! This is only possible with your support! Our work is never done but each day we push to make an impact on the lives we come in contact with. Thank you for always being the driving force behind our mission!

For The Love of Mommies

This life-saving Program focuses on the large group of dogs and cats that are commonly seen at area Animal Controls

Dogs Play For Life

Reducing kennel stress one play group at a time!

Parvo Puppy Ward

Animal Ark Rescue’s Parvo Puppy Unit provides shelters an alternative to euthanasia for puppies that contract parvovirus.

Demodex Rehab

Our demodex rehabilitation program was created to bring foster canines suffering from demodectic mange together.

Ringworm Ward

Our Ringworm Ward is designed to treat adult cats and kittens that have ringworm, as they would have likely been euthanized in other shelter settings.

Medical Fund

We focus on saving those at highest risk for euthanasia and many of those are dogs and cats with significant medical issues.

Have A Heart

This life-saving program focuses on treating dogs that are Heartworm Positive.

Kitten Program

This program focuses on saving the most fragile lives that enter our shetler.

Barn Cat Program

This program focuses on ending the euthanasia of unsocialized cats

Tiny Paws

This program has ensured that Columbus, GA has been a no kill puppy zone since 2012.


Program that allows elementary aged children the ability to work on their reading skills and provides the cats with extra enrichment.