Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much are the adoption fees?

Adoption fees vary. Some are higher than others based on the amount of medical care the animal needed at intake.

What is included in the adoption fee?

Adoption fee includes spay/neuter, age appropriate vaccines, deworming, flea treatment, microchip (dogs only), and heartworm test (adult dogs only).

Does Animal Ark Rescue receive any funding from local, state, or federal agencies?

Animal Ark Rescue runs solely off of donations from the community.

I found a dog/cat, can you take it?

Animal Ark is only licensed to take animals from Animal Control. We are not allowed to take strays that someone found on either the side of the road or at their home. We encourage you to attempt to find the owners via Facebook or other social media outlets. If you are unable to locate the owners, please try to find the animal a home or a foster home until a permanent home can be located.

Do you need volunteers?

We are always in need of volunteers! We hold a volunteer orientation the first Thursday of every month at the Shelter. Please complete a volunteer application online to complete our online orientation. 

How old do you have to be to volunteer?

To volunteer at the shelter, you must be 18 years old. We do allow you to volunteer at an offsite adoption event at 16 years old.

I’m interested in adopting a pet, what should I do?

Please come to our shelter to find the perfect companion for you. If you already have a dog and you wish to adopt another, please bring your current dog with you to meet the the dog you want to adopt. This ensures your current pet and new pet will get a long with one another.

Can you tell me the history of an animal?

We usually cannot tell you the history of an animal. We take animals off the Kill List at Animal Control so their history starts with us.

I would like to foster, what do I need to do?

Please fill out a foster application online and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How can I help?

You can help by volunteering, fostering, adopting, and/or donating to Animal Ark Rescue.

Are you a kill shelter? 

NO! We are a No Kill Shelter and we have lowered the kill rate at Columbus Animal Control significantly. We are Columbus Animal Control’s largest rescue partner.

What animals do you take from Animal Control? 

We rescue the young, the sick, the old, and the unwanted.

What is the adoption process? 

Anyone wanting to adopt an animal from our shelter, must complete an application at the shelter. All applications must be approved. If your application is approved, you will sign an adoption contract, pay the adoption donation, and take the pet home.

What do I need to adopt a pet?

You will need a driver’s license or state issued ID.

Do you only adopt to people that live in Georgia? 

No. We will adopt to anyone that is approved for adoption. However, we cannot hold pets until you can come. The only way to hold a pet, is to pay the adoption donation over the phone using your credit card. If you do pay over the phone, we can only hold your pet for 24 hours.

I need to return a pet that I adopted from AAR. What is the process to return? 

We will take our pets back. However, you may be placed on the return list until a spot comes open. We do not leave spots open and as soon as one is adopted, we pull another to fill the spot. We do encourage you to keep your animal and will work with you to find a solution if you really want to keep them. Owner surrenders are taken by appointment only! 

Do you take owner surrenders? 

We accept owner surrenders by appointment only. If we are able to take your pet, there will be a surrender fee. Fees are accessed on a case by case basis.