One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time

Much of what we do at Animal Ark to save the lives of animals and give them a second chance depends on the help of volunteers. Volunteering is fun and rewarding and it’s also a great way to help homeless animals. Just a few hours every week can make a big difference.

Photo Credit: K.Wargo Pet Photography

IF you have been ordered by the court to complete Community Service, please click here.

Assist in exercising the dogs throughout the day in any of our shelter locations. Must be 18 years of age or older.

Feline Friends spend time socializing the shelter cats and getting to know their purr-sonalities. Must be 18 years of age or older.

Help us meet the needs of daily operations the shelter.  Assisting with laundry, dishes, bathing dogs and puppies, and much more! 

Assisting at offsite adoption events by helping to care for animal, walking dogs, and much more.

Under 18 years old:

We have implemented several opportunities that are specifically geared towards those under 18 years old that need volunteer hours.

To become a Animal Ark Rescue Volunteer, you must complete the online orientation. Please submit a volunteer application. We do require that volunteers wear an Animal Ark Rescue shirt to wear when volunteering. They cost $20 each. 

****If you have been ordered to complete Community Service for court, you do not need to attend the volunteer orientation. We do NOT give hours for community service for attending orientation. ALL COURT ORDERED COMMUNITY SERVICE must be completed at the shelter. NO HOURS will be given for attending an offsite adoption event. Everyone must sign in at the front desk, on the community service sign in sheet. If you do not sign in then you are considered not present. All community service workers MUST be present at 8 am. If you show up after 8 am, you will not be allowed to start. We do not allow anyone with theft  charges to complete community service at our facility. Please call 706-569-6040 to speak to someone about your community service.