As of last year Columbus, GA achieved an amazing feat by gaining status as a “No-Kill” community. What is a No-Kill Community? Any community (all shelter combined within the county) with a live release rate of 90% or higher.” In just 7 years, our city’s euthanasia rate has dropped from a whopping 80% (euthanized) rate to our newly earned No-Kill with a euthanasia rate of less 10% and a live-release rate of 90% and higher. Incredible indeed, but how did we do it? The answer is simple: YOU.


There are many elements that play a role in becoming no-kill: spay/neuter, education & outreach, responsible pet ownership, owner support, adoption, fostering, volunteering, donations and more. Yes, becoming no-kill is a wonderful accomplishment, but now is not the time to sit back and relax because the job of animal rescue is never done. Saving the countless lives of innocent animals is an ongoing uphill battle and we cannot win the good fight without your help and support. Now that we have achieved a no-kill status it is our duty to not only maintain it but to raise the bar. Other communities have achieved 98% live releases and we are hoping Columbus can do the same.


Columbus (and our surrounding communities) are the backbone of the no-kill movement. Whenever we are in need you answer the call, whether it’s for dog food donations, urgent medical care, or fosters needed, you are there. There are so many examples of times that you as a community have stepped up when we needed you the most. Just last week when we ran low on dog food and we posted on Facebook asking for help, and almost immediately you the community responded by bringing bags of dog food by the truckful.



Another example of your generosity is Carmen, our medical miracle dog. Carmen came to us on the brink of death. She had been torn apart by a group of dogs. She was so unstable that our veterinarian, Dr. Riddick from Benning Animal Hospital volunteered to come to the shelter after hours and worked for 4 hours to stabilized Carmen enough to transport her to the vet clinic for emergency surgery. We asked for donations for Camen and you answered our cry for help. Without the help of our staff, vet, volunteers, donors, and supporters, sweet Carmen would not be alive today, healthy and happy in her new home.


Carmen just after surgery.   

Carmen after. All healed up!




We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the many lives that you have helped us save through the years. Please know that we cannot do what we do without you. We need you! There is always ways to help and so many ways to stay involved. ADOPT. Unable to adopt? FOSTER. Unable to foster? VOLUNTEER. There are tons of different volunteer opportunities. Learn more: Don’t miss our volunteer orientation, the first Thursday of the month at the shelter at 5pm. (Next orientation is Thurs. April 5th at 5pm.) Unable to volunteer? DONATE. Every dollar and cent help us to save lives, we run entirely on donations. Unable to donate money? We always need food and cleaning supplies. (See the wish-list on our website: ) Donations can also be shipped to the shelter via Amazon Smile, so you don’t even have to drive up here! Can’t donate? SHARE. Sharing is caring! It seems so simple, but just a single click on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube helps to spread our message. Sharing  Who knows, you may share a post featuring a pet that someone thinks is the perfect match. Next thing you know an adoption picture of the animal you shared turns up in your feed. LOVE. All you need is love. It’s simple. Like us or Love us on social media. Stop by the shelter and say “Hello.” to some animals, pet a dog, or give a cat a head scratch. Love for animals is what has fueled this change in our culture.


We love the fact that Columbus is a no-kill community and we would love to keep it that way. Saving the lives of animals is the only way to do this. We can’t do it without you!


So let’s work together on our common goal, spread the love, and keep Columbus no-kill.